Gothic Spaces Schedule

Sheffield Gothic is pleased to present:

Reimagining the Gothic 2017:

Gothic Spaces

Friday 12th – Saturday 13th May, at the University of Sheffield

Conference Schedule:

Friday 12th May

Registration: 9.30-10.00

Welcome: 10.00-10.15

Panel One: 10.15-11.30

Panel One A: Past and Present

Amy Jackson, University of Sheffield, ‘Anti-Catholicism within Catholic Spaces: Exploring the Relationship between Renaissance England and the Portrayal of Catholic Spaces in Gothic Novels’

Ellen Bulford Welch, University of Sheffield, ‘“Feudal grandeur” and ‘baronial gentility”: European Gothic Architecture and the Nationalist Anxieties of Early American Gothic in the Novels of John Neal’

Dr. Kirstin Mills, Macquarie University, Australia, ‘Frankenstein in Hyperspace: The Return of Digital Technologies to the Origins of Virtual Space in Shelley’s Frankenstein’

Panel One B: Eco-Gothic

Dr. Jessica George, Cardiff University, ‘The Deep Above: Sea and Space in H. P. Lovecraft’

Eilís Phillips, University of Portsmouth, ‘Monstrous Spaces: The Transformative Potential of ecoGothic Environments in British Mining Folklore’

Henry Bartholomew, University of Exeter, ‘Entangled: EcoGothic, “Environmentality”, and the Space of the Forest in Algernon Blackwood’s The Man Whom the Trees Loved

Break [15 minutes]: 11.30-11.45

Panel Two: 11.45-13.00

Panel Two A: Virtual Gothic

Emily R. Marlow, University of Sheffield, ‘Religious Beliefs and the Gothic Village in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Christopher Scott, University of Sheffield, ‘Gothic Gaming: Terror in the Virtual Spaces of Early Survival Horror Videogames’

Dr. Erika Kvistad, University of Oslo, ‘Homecomings: The Haunted House in Interactive Horror Narratives’

Panel Two B: Rural and Domestic Spaces

Holly Hirst, Manchester Metropolitan University, ‘Robert Murry Gilchrist’s Northern Gothic Spaces’

Lucy Hall, University of St. Andrews, ‘Murder, Witchcraft, and Espionage: Rural Gothic of the 1940s’

Sarah Alwin, University of Sheffield, ‘Gothic Animals Invading Urban Domestic Space: An Examination of Crow in Grief is The Thing with Feathers by Max Porter’

Lunch [1 hour]: 13.00-14.00

Panel Three: 14.00-15.35

Panel Three A: The Body

Thomas Newton, University of Sheffield, ‘The Anatomy of Frankenstein’

Camilla Price, University of Sheffield, ‘Gothic Bodies and Spaces in New Women Writing’

Harriet Fletcher, Lancaster University, ‘“Celebration of Wounds”: Gothicising the Celebrity Body in the Work of Andy Warhol and J. G. Ballard’

Stephanie Reid, Manchester Metropolitan University, ‘“I feel spaces opening up inside of me”: Reimagining Skin-Surfaces and Relocating Monstrosity in Westworld

Panel Three B: Urban and City Spaces

Dr. Sam Wiseman, University of Erfurt, Germany, ‘Metropolitan Invasions in Heart of Darkness, Dracula and The Beetle

Lewis Mondal, Teeside University, ‘“Merely a London Mongrel”: Masculinity, Taboo and Transactions of Violence’

Nihad Laouar, Canterbury Christ Church University, ‘Voicing the Anxieties of Urban Spaces in Jean Rhys’s Good Morning Midnight (1939)’

Meriem Rayen Lamara, University of Northampton, ‘A City of Shadows: The Representation of Supernatural London in Young Adult Gothic Literature’

Break [10 minutes]: 15.35-15.45

Panel Four: 15.45-17.00

Panel Four A: Film

Tomáš Kolich, Charles University, Prague, ‘The Optic Horror: The Intricate Pattern of Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s The Yellow Wallpaper and its Depiction in Film’

Timothy Moffat, University of Sheffield, ‘Translating the Spaces of the Southern Gothic Myth: The Night of the Hunter from Novel to Screen’

Dr. Kaja Frank, University of Hertfordshire, ‘Sharknado: EcoGothic parody for the 21st Century’

Panel Four B: Imprisonment

Laura Sedgwick, University of Stirling, ‘Storing up problems for the Future: Attics and Basements in the Films The Amityville Horror (2005) and The Skeleton Key (2005)’

Dana Alex, University of Duisburg, Germany, ‘Labyrinthine Mind: Mental Incarceration in Patrick McGrath’s Trauma

Natalie Rose Cox, Independent Scholar, ‘Paradise Prisons: Islands as Gothic Spaces’

Keynote: 17.00-18.00

Towards a Poetics of Gothic Space: From Bachelard to Beckford and Beyond

by Professor Dale Townshend,

Professor of Gothic Literature in the Centre for Gothic Studies,

Manchester Metropolitan University

Saturday 13th May

Panel Five: 10.00-10.50

Victorian Spaces

Sophie Raine, Lancaster University, ‘Sex Sells: The Brothel and the Commercialisation of the Female Body in the Penny Dreadful’

Alizée Cordes, Université Blaise-Pascal, France, ‘Gothic Spaces in Literature and Victorian Interiors: the Representation of ‘Gothic’ in 19th Century Britain’

Break [10 minutes]: 10.50-11.00

Panel Six: 11.00-12.15

Haunted Spaces

María Ibáñez-Rodríguez, University of Madrid, ‘Depictions of the Haunted Castle in the Contemporary Graphic Novel’

Dr. Jen Baker, University of Bristol, ‘Pop-Up and Scare Me Sometime: Haunted Houses and Monster’s Lairs in Movable Gothic Books’

Alicia Edwards, Manchester Metropolitan University, ‘The Spectacle of Spectral Spaces: Ghost Tourism and the Performance of Haunted Houses’


Lunch [1 hour]: 12.15-13.15

Creative Talk: 13.15-13.55

Jon Garrad, Writer and Independent Researcher, ‘The Horror of Ravenhold’

Break [15 minutes]: 13.55-14.10

Creative Talk: 14.10-14.50

Dr. Frances Kamm, University of Kent, ‘Passages of Gothic’

Break [10 minutes]: 14.50-15.00

Creative Showcase: 15.00-17.00

[The Creative Showcase will be free and open to the public, and will include a wine reception. The winner of Sheffield Gothic’s Art and Photography Competition will also be announced]

Exhibitions will include:

Tanja Jurkovic, ‘Re-imagining Domestic Space in Gothic Narratives: The Mind as a Home of Mental Disorders’

Helena Astbury, ‘Elizabeth/In Parts (in others, Monsters)’ and ‘Not Jane’

Morticia, ‘False and True’, ‘Home at Last’, and ‘The Journey’s End’

Mireille Fauchon, ‘The Priroy Tunnels: Reimagining Tooting Common as a Gothic Landscape’

Alizée Cordes, ‘Gothic Spaces in Literature and Victorian Interiors: the Representation of ‘Gothic’ in 19th Century Britain’

Chen Chen, ‘Sunny Family’, ‘Kid in Gothic Space’, and ‘Pray and Meditate’

Dr. Karen Graham, ‘Echoes: Creating and Challenging Gothic Space through Image’


Reimagining the Gothic 2017: Gothic Spaces is generously sponsored by the AHPGR Forum and the Alumni Foundation at the University of Sheffield.