Reimagining the Gothic 2015

“Re-Imagining the Gothic” was conceived and designed by Sheffield Gothic in order to cultivate and promote interdisciplinary Gothic research, with its inagural Symposium and Creative Showcase taking place on 9th May 2015.  Through the project we hope to inspire fresh interest in all facets of Gothic studies and open up new avenues for engagement.

In 2015, we were honoured to have two keynotes: the brilliant Dr. Matt Foley (University of Stirling) and his talk ‘Re-imagining the Voice: towards an acoustics of the Gothic’, and the wonderful Lynn Shepherd, author of Murder at Mansfield Park, Tom’s All Alone/The Solitary House, and A Treacherous Likeness/ A Fatal Likeness (you can find the abstract for Lynn Shepherd’s talk below). We really cannot thank our amazing keynotes enough for being part of the first Reimagining and contributing to the success of the event and the continuing success of the project!

‘Dark Matter: Re-imagining the Gothic in Modern Fiction’

by Lynn Shepherd

My novels are ‘re-imaginings’ in every sense – I bring historical figures like the Shelleys back to life, or re-work the language, plots and themes of classic novels like Bleak House or Dracula. And as I do, they darken – reviewers invariably describe my books as ‘Gothic’, which is the nicest compliment they could pay. Whether as mode, mood or literary movement, I find the Gothic both inspiring and intriguing. My talk will look back at where Gothic came from, and explore how I’ve ‘re-imagined.